22-25 OCTOber 2017

This 3-day memoir writing retreat, part of the annual Stratford Writers Festival, will take place at the Parlour Inn in the famously beautiful and theatre-rich town of Stratford, Ontario.

The retreat includes:

One-on-One Sessions with your Writing Instructor. Each student will enjoy a one-hour one-on-one conversation with their Write Now instructor. These one-on-one sessions are, by their very nature, geared entirely towards your individual needs. If you are working on a manuscript, you can bring some of your writing for your instructor to review or have the option to send a maximum of 10 pages prior to the retreat (we will send you information upon registration). Or, you can have an in-depth discussion about your story idea, writing craft, or creative approaches. The one-on-one sessions are a great opportunity to have a very focused, comprehensive conversation with an expert in the field.

Group Instruction. Each day, there will be a two-hour morning lecture offered by the writing instructor, with an opportunity for questions and discussion.

Lunch Discussions. Lunch will follow the Group Lectures, and will be open to free-flowing discussions. Your instructor isn’t an official host, but will participate in these conversations.

Writing. While your mornings will be filled with lectures and informational sessions, the afternoons are open for writing and creative inspiration, allowing you the opportunity to put what you’ve learned into practice. You can find inspiration along the lake, or in the solitude of your room. Or, if you prefer, you can take in all that Stratford has to offer by hanging out in Market Square, savouring a coffee at Revel, or enjoying a play at the Festival Theatre. There are two possible writing spaces and environments at the Write Now Retreat Centre:

Quiet-Space Writing Lounge
A cozy room with a strict quiet space policy where silence is sacred. You can write in the collective energy of fellow writers who are also creating in stillness and tranquility.

Creative Writing Space
This space is for those who prefer to write in a collective creative environment, exchange ideas with others and explore the writing prompts and techniques offered to you. In this room we focus on creative inspiration as much as we do on writing technique. While this space is self-exploratory, we also hold scheduled creativity sessions that throughout the retreat will include yoga, meditation, free-writing and creativity exercises, all to get your creative juices flowing.

In summary, this retreat offers you:

-Three full days devoted just to you and your writing
Three nights accommodation
Three meals and two snack breaks, freshly prepared, in accordance with your dietary preferences
-An exclusive pass to the Stratford Writers Festival*
-Long blocks of uninterrupted writing time, held in the company of supportive writers
-Daily small-group instruction that teaches you customized strategies for taking your writing to the next level
-Encouragement and motivation from a small, supportive community of fellow writers
Inspirational writing environments with multiple spaces for writing in solitude or company
-Peaceful and comfortable sleeping quarters with private bath, that restore your creative energy

*The exclusive Stratford Writers Festival pass includes admission to all readings and panel discussions, plus

-Social Media for Authors workshop
-The Art of Blogging workshop
-An exclusive dinner with award-winning author Alice Zorn

Sometimes we need a break from our lives

in order to write about them.