Wednesdays, 7-9pm EST

1 November - 6 December 2017 (6 weekly sessions)

+ one 1-hr private consultation with Alison

COST: $500 CDN (approx US $400)

An online workshop provides an opportunity to learn the essentials of memoir writing, receive helpful feedback on your work, and join a small and supportive group of people who will provide accountability and inspiration -- all without having to leave your home. No special software is required. If you have a computer and know how to use the internet, you are sufficiently tech-savvy to participate.

In order to make these workshops as simple and streamlined as possible, there is a limit of only FOUR participants. This is a more intimate setting than most other workshops and significant attention is given to every person's work.

Because we are all able to see each other's faces, the experience is far more intimate and enjoyable than a standard teleconference, and the discussions run smoothly and clearly.

Over the course of the six weekly sessions, you will gain an understanding of the most vital aspects of memoir writing, including options for framework and structure, establishing a strong voice, working with dialogue, questions of memory, the line between fiction and nonfiction, how to find the universal resonance of a personal story, and common mistakes and obstacles.

You will also have the opportunity to share up to six short pieces of work and to receive the kind of feedback that provides clarity, direction and inspiration. Be prepared for substantial progress in your work for the duration of the workshop and beyond.

Gifted with that ideal combination of wicked smart intelligence and a beautiful spirit, Alison made the nights our group met the highlight of my week. Her inviting and playful yet always respectful style made me feel it was safe to open up. What she offered of her own wisdom and experience made me a better writer and a better reader. She is as brilliant a teacher as she is a luminous and generous writer.
— H.L. Meakin, St. Mary's, Ontario
Alison’s online workshop was inspirational and very fun! I enjoyed the format, interacting face-to-face with the other participants, and building confidence and skills in a very non-judgemental way. I also appreciated the many recommended reading references to help carry on the momentum. Alison is extremely knowledgeable and combines that quality with great sensitivity to the needs of the participants.
— Willie Waddell, Victoria, BC
This course provided the perfect opportunity for me to start writing again after a many-year hiatus. The class was very intimate and supportive, and Alison was very encouraging. I left the course with the resources and incentive to take my writing to the next step!
— Marilyn Nazar, Hamilton, Ontario
Alison is an amazingly skilled, empathetic writing instructor who reads closely, asks great questions, offers insightful feedback, and has a unique ability to meet each writer wherever s/he is in the memoir-making journey. She is honest, encouraging and sensitive to the twists and turns of the writing process. Thanks to Alison’s class, I have new-found momentum and confidence in my memoir—and many more pages under my belt! If you’re thinking about taking her class, stop thinking and sign up!
— Kelly Huffman, Seattle, Washington
My writing improved 100%.
— Sheila Urquidi, Mexico City