First things first: you do not need to be tech-savvy to take an online workshop.

Secondly, while you do miss out on fresh baking that I provide in my in-person workshops, an online workshop provides a remarkably comparable experience: an opportunity to learn the essentials of memoir writing, receive helpful feedback on your work, and join a small and supportive group of people who will provide accountability and inspiration -- all without having to leave your home.

These workshops take the form of six weekly 2-hour video conference sessions. No special software or bells/whistles are required! If you have a computer and know how to use the internet, you are sufficiently tech-savvy to participate.

In order to make these workshops as simple and streamlined as possible, there is a limit of only FOUR participants per workshop. This is a more intimate setting than most other workshops and significant attention is given to every person's work.

Because we are all able to see each other's faces, the experience is far more intimate and enjoyable than a standard teleconference, and the online dialogue works surprisingly well. Everyone's computer screen looks something like this:


Please note:

I have never had anyone attend an online workshop wearing a tie.

Come to think of it, I haven't yet had a man attend an online workshop

(though men are welcome!).

Also, we don't tend to look quite as shiny and put together as these people.

But we do tend to be just as jolly.

Over the course of the six weekly sessions, you will gain an understanding of the most vital aspects of memoir writing, including options for framework and structure, establishing a strong voice, working with dialogue, questions of memory, the line between fiction and nonfiction, how to find the universal resonance of a personal story, and common mistakes and obstacles.

You will also have the opportunity to share up to six short pieces of work and to receive the kind of feedback that provides clarity, direction and inspiration. Be prepared for substantial progress in your work and a spirited desire to move forward with your writing for the duration of the workshop and beyond.

Limited to 4 participants.


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