The Edge of the World

Greetings from the edge of the world.

Actually, I'm back in the middle of Canada now, but this time last week I was fortunate enough to find myself on Haida Gwaii (formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands) in northern British Columbia, where I had been invited to perform the Confessions of a Fairy's Daughter one-woman show.

There is much to say about Haida Gwaii, ancestral home of the Haida people and current home to every imaginable beauty and paradox, but I've decided to do some deeper writing about the trip, and I'll look forward to sharing that with you in the future. In the meantime, I'm gearing up to wind down, if that makes any sense. I have only two scheduled performances this summer, both close to home, so I can look forward to a rare treat: a season at home. (That doesn't sound nearly as romantic as it feels.)

In lieu of touring, I will be bowing to the miracle of technology and conducting my first ever ONLINE memoir writing workshops. Details will be announced shortly, but essentially, these workshops will follow the same format as my regular ones: weekly meetings of 6-8 people who will read, discuss, and give helpful feedback on each other's work. The only difference is that we will meet via teleconference (using either your computer or telephone).

Sorry, there is another difference: I won't be supplying any fresh coffee or baking (unless there's a technological innovation I am unaware of), but you are welcome to do the whole workshop in your pyjamas, in the bathtub (not recommended, but be my guest), or in whatever state you choose. So there are some advantages.

If you are interested in participating in a 6-week online memoir writing workshop this spring or summer, please send me a note and I'll keep you abreast of the dates and details:

In addition to the online workshops, I will also be offering some private mentoring sessions. (The term 'mentoring' makes me wince a bit, but I haven't been able to find an alternative that isn't worse.) This one-to-one work is intended for people seeking guidance, clarity, inspiration, encouragement and/or gentle accountability for a memoir writing project currently underway, and who would rather work privately than in a group workshop. The sessions can range from a single consultation to a weekly arrangement. Again, this can happen via Skype, telephone, or in person, depending on where you live. (I am based in this lovely town.)

If you have any interest in these private consultations, please email me as quickly as possible, as I am only able to work with a small number of people at one time: .

Next week I'm off to Ireland with my dad. He's asked me to assist him with some genealogical research and I've assured him that while I am delighted to help (and to spend two weeks with him in Dublin!), I practically fall asleep just reading the word 'genealogy' and often confuse it with 'gynecology' when saying it aloud. Should be a fun trip.

with springy and floral wishes ~