Believe me, I understand that life is unpredictable. Even when you’ve finally got a handle on it, made decisions and put plans in place…things can change. Wherever possible, I try to be flexible, but because this is also my livelihood (and a very small business), the official cancellation policy is as follows:

Your non-refundable deposit of US$500 is, well, non-refundable. It is a commitment to the retreat and a solid foot in the door of your room, which (to state the obvious) will now be held for you. While it is non-refundable, if you cancel more than 90 days before the beginning of the retreat, your deposit is transferable. Meaning, you are welcome to transfer it to a future retreat, in either Mexico or France, or to a workshop in Canada.

Your balance of payment, due 6 weeks prior to the beginning of your retreat, is also non-refundable (though if you are using the payment plan, all of the payments made up to that same date, minus an administration fee of US$50, are fully refundable).

Where I try to be flexible is here: If you are able to find someone to fill your spot, I am happy to refund your deposit (and balance of payment, as the case may be) 100%, minus a USD$50 administration fee. Similarly, if I am able to fill your spot easily (ie. through a waiting list), without having to relaunch any marketing, I can refund 50% of your deposit and 100% of the balance of payment. If, however, there are fewer than 90 days before the beginning of the retreat, there is no longer anyone on the waiting list who is available, no one else appears, and I would have to begin putting the word out all over again to find someone, I simply cannot offer a refund or transfer of any kind, and I hope you understand why that is.

Thank you for your understanding, your respect, your trust, and your support. All are tremendously appreciated.