24-30 September 2017

This week-long memoir writing retreat will take place in the magnificent Château Marcoux, an ancient hilltop fortress tastefully transformed into a modern manor house with a breathtaking 360-degree view of the countryside.

Daily memoir writing workshops will fill the mornings, while afternoons will be kept free for writing and reflection. Optional yoga and meditation sessions can provide a beautiful balance to a day of sitting and concentrating, and occasional outings to nearby sites and markets will be offered as well. Evenings will be enjoyed together in the dining room and salon with casual readings, discussions over wine and candlelight, a night of optional dance, and a meal in the neighbouring village of Beauville. 

A variety of accommodation options, from luxury private suites to shared twin rooms, makes it possible for this extraordinary retreat to be enjoyed by people on a range of budgets. Early bird rates begin at $1500 and include airport transfer, accommodation, meals and the writing workshop.

Delicious and nourishing meals will be prepared on site using fresh produce from local markets. Vegetarian options will be available and limited special diet accommodations can be made.

This intimate workshop is limited to 7 participants.

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Sometimes we need a break from our lives

in order to write about them.