I often lead writing workshops in combination with performances or with book clubs and writing groups.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please fill out the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

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Writing workshops can take the form of:

* a 2-hour discussion, including an overview of memoir writing, discussing some of the more common challenges and obstacles, and takes questions from participants. Can be combined with a performance (generally the night before) or a reading/talk/Q&A. Maximum: 30 people. No prior writing experience is necessary.

* a 5-hour, full-day session, in which all of the above is covered and participants share samples of their work (the beginnings of an essay or book-length word) and receive feedback. Maximum: 8 people. Distance from Stratford, Ontario, is a consideration.

* a 10-hour weekend session, in which participants can share and work in depth on their writing projects. Maximum: 8 people. Some writing experience is necessary.

* a 15-hour session similar in style to the weekend session, but spread over 5 weeks (3 hours per session); subject to proximity to Stratford, Ontario. Maximum: 12 people.



Workshops can take place in informal settings (a large dining room or harvest table), retreat centres, classrooms, libraries or any setting where a group of people can comfortably gather and write. For weekend sessions, either catered/home-cooked meals or proximity to restaurants is necessary. In all cases, kitchen facilities are always nice to have nearby, as coffee, tea and snacks make all writing more pleasant.


Fees vary depending on travel considerations, size of group, and whether or not the workshop is connected to a performance or talk. Please fill out the form below and we can discuss fees and budgets.

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